Can Betting Sites Ban you for Winning too Much?

can betting sites ban you for winning too much
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Can betting sites ban you for winning too much? Even if you aren’t green in the short term, they may limit you just for beating these closing lines. In most cases, it is completely false that winning too much is what gets you banned. It is beating closing lines that get you banned.

The Fine Line Between Winning and Being Restricted

Betting sites often monitor the activities of their users closely, and while winning big may seem like the ultimate goal, it can also flag a bettor for potential restrictions.

The consensus among experienced gamblers, including ourselves who worked in different Sportsbook companies, is that it’s not merely the amount won but the strategy employed that catches the attention of online bookies. Engaging in practices like consistently backing horses that see a significant decrease in odds or beating the closing odds can make your account a subject of scrutiny.

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For example, a bettor who made a significant profit of £800,000 on Bet365 (UK) in the summer of 2018 found themselves restricted the very next day. This case illustrates that betting sites are vigilant about large wins. But even more so about patterns that suggest the bettor has an edge over the bookmaker.

Strategies to not to get banned by Betting Sites

  1. Beating the Closing Odds. Bookmakers are particularly wary of bettors who consistently place bets at odds that are more favorable than those at the time the event starts. This is seen as a clear sign of a sophisticated betting strategy that could threaten the bookmaker’s margin.
  2. Consistent Large Wins. While occasional big wins may not immediately result in restrictions, consistently winning large amounts, especially through strategies that exploit the bookmaker’s vulnerabilities, can lead to limitations on your betting account.
  3. Value Betting. Focusing on bets that bookies undervalue, particularly in less popular markets or events, can draw unwanted attention to your account. Bookmakers aim to balance their books and players who consistently find and exploit these discrepancies can be seen as a liability.

Steps to Take if You’re Winning Big

For those fortunate enough to consistently secure large wins, there are strategies to mitigate the risk of restrictions or bans:

  • Diversify Your Bookmakers. Spread your bets across multiple sports betting sites in Canada, to avoid drawing attention to your winnings on any single platform.
  • Bet on Popular Markets. Betting on major sports and events, where bookmakers have more balanced books, can make it harder for your successful bets to stand out.
  • Mix Your Betting Patterns. Include a variety of bet types and odds in your betting strategy to appear less systematic and harder to profile as a strategic bettor.

The Canadian Perspective

For Canadian bettors, the landscape is similar to global trends, with the added nuance of navigating both domestic and international betting sites. Canada’s legal framework allows for considerable freedom in online betting, especially from offshore betting sites. But Canadians must still be mindful of the practices that could lead to restrictions.

However, players in Ontario are more restricted and should be more careful. Because the sportsbook will keep an eye on their accounts and have certain markets that will restrict more than others.


While winning big on online betting sites might seem like the ultimate achievement, Canadian bettors need to navigate their betting strategies wisely. Understanding what triggers restrictions and employing tactics to avoid detection can ensure that the betting experience remains enjoyable and profitable. Remember, responsible gambling and a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of your chosen betting platforms are paramount to a successful betting endeavour in Canada.