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Welcome to TheOddsCalculator.com, a full-round gambling website dedicated to offering free tools and guides to bettors in Canada, where readers will find information about sports betting, online casino, poker and eSports betting.

TheOddsCalculator was created by a team that has worked in the Gambling Industry for over 10 years when betting sites and online casinos were just beginning their days. Up to these days, the Gambling industry has developed enormously and has reached the entire world.

Our goal is to provide bettors and casino players with the right information and tools that will help them boost their gambling experience as well as encourage them to play responsibly.

On TheOddsCalculator site, you will find resources that have been tested previously so that you, as a user, can get the best out of them.

Betting Calculators

One of our main resources, and the reason our website is called TheOddsCalculator, are our betting odds calculators, developed thinking in the final user and how to help bettors easily calculate the outcome of their bets. These calculators cover the many types of bets that bettors will encounter at different sportsbooks while making bets and, most importantly, they are totally free of use for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the many types of odds calculators that you will find on our website:

Bet Calculator TypeFeatures
Moneyline Bet CalculatorExplore our moneyline calculator made of one-bet selection for bettors who want to calculate the possible outcome of single bets.
Double Bet Calculator (2 Team Parlay)Also known as a 2 team parlay calculator, our double bet calculator has been developed to calculate accurately the results of double bets or bets composed of up to two legs.
3 Team Parlay Calculator (Treble Calculator)Our treble or 3 team parlay calculator is designed to help bettors calculate the outcome of bets that combine 3 different selections.
Parlay CalculatorIn our parlay calculator, users can get the outcome of wagers for multiple selections and combinations of bets.
Trixie CalculatorA Trixie calculator allows you to get the possible result of a bet composed of 3 different selections, 3 doubles and 1 treble.
Canadian Bet CalculatorOur Canadian Bet Calculator, also known as a Super Yankee, will ease your life by calculating up to 26 bets in 5 selections.
Round Robin CalculatorThe round robin calculator is another of our tools that provides bettors with the outcomes of multiple parlays from a single list of teams or events.
Goliath Bet CalculatorOur Goliath calculator is a complex tool that gets the outcome of the different combinations of multiple bets across 8 selections with a total of 247 different bets spread in 1 wager.
Patent Bet CalculatorIn our Patent Calculator, bettors can calculate the potential payout of 7 separate bets across 3 selections.
Heinz Bet CalculatorOur Heinz Calculator will predict the outcome of 57 individual bets across 6 selections in different events. These bets include 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, 6 fivefold accumulators, and 1 sixfold accumulator.
Super Heinz CalculatorThe Super Heinz Calculator available on our website, will help you calculate the possible outcome of 120 bets across 7 selections.
Yankee Bet CalculatorA Yankee calculator will calculate the outcome of 11 bets across four selections, including six doubles, four trebles, and a fourfold accumulator.
System Bet CalculatorIn our System Bet Calculator, you will be able to get the possible payout of a system bet that is normally made up of several combinations. This includes doubles, trebles, and accumulators. In the calculator, you can choose whether it’s a 2/4, 2/3, or 3/4 bet.
Lucky 15 Bet CalculatorIn our Lucky 15 calculator, you will be able to calculate the payout of four selections across 15 bets in total.
Lucky 31 CalculatorIn the Lucky 31 calculator, you will be able to calculate 5 selections, resulting in 31 individual bets consisting of 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold parlays and 1 five-fold parlay.
Lucky 63 CalculatorOur Lucky 63 calculator helps you to get the possible outcome of up to 63 bets across 6 selections. This includes 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators, and 1 six-fold accumulator.

Resources to Choose Betting Sites by Sports

TheOddsCalculator.com is not only about calculators. We want to cover all the journey for bettors and casino players and that includes, of course, the help needed to select the best betting sites in Canada.

Our in-depth guides and reviews will help you navigate through the top betting sites in Canada, tailored for different sports. We have developed in-depth guides and selections for the most searched sports and leagues in Canada. Such as the NHL Betting Sites, for hockey fans; but also basketball followers will find help in choosing NBA betting sites according to the latest trends and regulations.

That is not all. We also put together many other guides such as the popular UFC betting sites that aim to accurately direct MMA fans to reliable options where to place their bets.

American football is also taking enormous importance in Canada. That’s why we conducted our research to develop a guide to the best NFL betting sites so that bettors interested in this league can get to know in advance what are the best options for them to place bets when residing in Canada.

We also have a not-as-secret love for horses, as our logo might have given you a clue about. Unfortunately in Canada, there is little to no information about where to find Horse Racing betting sites, hence we decided to make our guide to provide horse racing fans with the best choices available in the country.

And although you may think Cricket is only an Indian sport, it is far from true. In fact, many Cricket betting sites in Canada offer competitive odds and are reliable options for those interested in cricket betting.

Other Categories of Betting Sites

Our betting guides and resources are not only about types of sports but also very specific to the user’s needs and intentions. Do you want to find a betting site that has a license somewhere else? Do you need a sportsbook dedicated to high rollers? We’ve got you covered.

Online Casinos Reviews and Guides

Our job would not be complete if we did not cover casino players’ needs for reliable information. We are also a trusted source for Online Casino insights. Dive into our honest and detailed reviews of Canada’s top online casinos. Discover the best places to play, with first-hand information on games, bonuses, customer experience, and more.

Among our casino guides that are worth your time are:

  • 10 dollar deposit minimum casinos: for those who want to deposit only 10 Canadian dollars and nothing more. These casinos are an affordable and trustworthy option to make your first 10 dollar deposit.
  • No verification casinos: tired of sending so many documents and never being able to play and enjoy fully? Our list of no-verification casinos covers those online gambling platforms that don’t require ID verification to start playing. In some cases, even allows you to withdraw without verifying your account.
  • Fastest Withdrawal Online Casinos: find online casinos that are capable of processing fast payouts in terms of hours. Not time wasters!
  • No Wagering Casinos: although there are few options available in Canada, our guide to no wagering casinos will provide you with bonuses that don’t require you to wager them.

Bonuses for Sports Betting and Online Casinos

You will find the latest sportsbook bonuses as well as online casino bonuses in all listings and reviews. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements of each bonus. That way you can verify that is a suitable bonus and it has fair conditions for you as a player.

Not all bonuses are equally good. So take your time to use our listings to compare and decide which option is the best. Bear in mind that bonuses are only for Canadian players not residing in Ontario. If you visit us from Ontario, you will not see our bonus list. Instead, you will be able to see the bonuses at the online casino or sportsbook site, directly from our lists.

Payments Guides to Online Casinos

Secure and Convenient Payment Solutions are key. However, most of the time we, as players, tend to undervalue the importance of choosing the right option. At theoddscalculator.com we know firsthand that there is nothing worse than dealing with fees, delays or the lack of convenient payment options when you have had a big win.

So, take the time to go through each of our payment guides. Learn about the various methods available for online casinos in Canada. Find out which casinos accept your preferred method and how to make deposits and withdrawals safely and efficiently.

We offer advice and a selection of casinos with the following payment methods:

eSports Betting

eSports are also part of the gambling industry with growing popularity among new bettors. We have developed a guide to eSports betting that newcomers will find useful and helpful when finding a betting site that caters to eSports followers.

It is meant for newbies and those who don’t understand very well where to start. By reading our eSport content, you will find the sportsbooks that cater to eSports players and valuable insights on how to start your path in eSports.

Poker Guides

Online Poker is one of the player’s favorites because of its nature of full strategy and hard thinking. Playing online poker in Canada changes depending if you are residing in Ontario or any other province in the rest of Canada. We have a specific guide for those Ontario players who want to learn where to play online poker in Ontario and what is the situation with the shared pools.

Our Poker content is meant to help players find new poker sites to play at, grab bonuses and learn some of the basics of online poker.

Gambling Guides

Coming close to the end, we want to share with our readers what we believe is the heart and the core of our experience: our various guides. They cover from basics to advanced strategies for beginners, professional bettors and casino players.

Some of our recommended guides if you are a beginner:

If you are a little bit more advanced or… you think you are:

We hope you find our website useful and, most importantly that you remember to have fun and gamble responsibly. If you have any doubts or wish to reach out, contact us!