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Goliath Bet Calculator

Use the Goliath bet calculator to effectively calculate the outcomes of all possible combinations made up of 8 different games.

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  • What is a Goliath Bet and How Can a Calculator Help?

    A goliath bet involves 1 wager spread across the different combinations of multiple bets across 8 selections. In total, there are 247 different bets.

    • 28x two pick parlays
    • 56x three pick parlays
    • 70x four pick parlays
    • 56x five pick parlays
    • 28x six pick parlays
    • 8x seven pick parlays
    • 1x eight-pick parlay

    Our odds calculator helps bettors by looking at all the different winning combinations (247 in total) and calculating the possible money return. All you need to do is input your bet details, meaning the odds and desired wager, and the Goliath calculator will do the rest for you.

    How to Use the Goliath Bet Calculator

    To use any of the tools available at TheOddsCalculator, you don’t need to sign up or pay anything. Our odds calculators are all free. Just follow the steps below to get the outcome of your Goliath bets:

    1. Step 1: Add all selections odds.
    2. Step 2: Select won, lost or void on each bet.
    3. Step 3: Enter the desired wager.
    4. Step 4: Analyse payouts and compare them to other bet types.

    Comparisons between Goliath Bets and Other Bet Types

    When comparing a Goliath bet to, for example, a single bet, the Goliath has more potential to return a better payout if numerous selections win. In a single bet, you place a wager on a single outcome, whereas a Goliath bet allows you to cover a broader range of possibilities.

    However, it’s important to note that if all selections in a Goliath bet were to win, a parlay bet could potentially offer even higher returns.

    If you are interested in calculating single bets, check our moneyline bet calculator. But if you prefer to go for a Parlay, then you might be interested in using our parlay bet calculator.

    Potential Returns

    The potential returns from a Goliath bet are determined by adding together the winnings from the 247 different bets. This means that if you have multiple successful selections, your returns can increase significantly. However, the final payout will depend on the odds associated with each bet within the Goliath.

    To illustrate, let’s consider an example: Suppose you place a Goliath bet with a total stake of $10 and each individual bet has odds of 2.0. If six of your selections win, the calculation for potential returns would be as follows:

    • Each winning selection is treated as a single bet, so you would have 6 winning bets.
    • The potential return from each winning bet is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds: $10 x 2.0 = $20.
    • Finally, the total potential returns would be the sum of the returns from each winning bet: $20 x 6 = $120.

    Remember, this is just an example. The actual potential returns will depend on the odds and the number of successful selections you have.

    Risk and Reward

    The Goliath bet offers both risk and reward for Canadian players. One of the risks associated with this type of bet is the higher stake required to cover all 247 selections. It means that you need to invest a larger amount upfront compared to other bet types.

    However, the potential reward can be substantial due to the sheer number of selections and the accumulating nature of the bet.

    The reward of a Goliath bet becomes apparent when multiple selections win. If you have a considerable number of successful outcomes, your returns can be significantly higher compared to other bet types.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Goliath Bets

    Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages that a Goliath bet carries in it.

    Advantages of Goliath Bets

    • Potential for significant returns.
    • Diverse coverage of bet types.
    • Flexibility in selections – you can choose 8 selections.

    Disadvantages of Goliath Bets

    The main disadvantage to a goliath is that it is costly to place due to the number of bets it involves. To give you a dimension of how costly could be, a $1 goliath per line, for example, would cost you 247 dollars total.

    Example of a Goliath Bet Calculation

    Let’s say you were interested in placing a Goliath bet on eight ice hockey games in the NHL. Here are your selections and their corresponding outcomes:

    • Selection 1: Toronto Maple Leafs to win
    • Selection 2: Montreal Canadiens to win
    • Selection 3: Vancouver Canucks to win
    • Selection 4: Edmonton Oilers to win
    • Selection 5: Calgary Flames to win
    • Selection 6: Winnipeg Jets to win
    • Selection 7: Ottawa Senators to win
    • Selection 8: Vegas Golden Knights to win

    Based on these selections, here’s how the Goliath bet would be constructed:

    28x 2 pick parlays: This includes all possible pairs of the eight selections, resulting in 28 individual double bets.

    • 56x 3 pick parlays Trebles: This covers all possible combinations of three selections, resulting in 56 individual treble bets.
    • 70x Four pick parlays: This covers all possible combinations of four selections, resulting in 70 individual fourfold accumulator bets.
    • 56x Five pick parlays: This covers all possible combinations of five selections, resulting in 56 individual fivefold accumulator bets.
    • 28x Six pick parlays: This covers all possible combinations of six selections, resulting in 28 individual sixfold accumulator bets.
    • 8x Seven pick parlays: This covers all possible combinations of seven selections, resulting in 8 individual sevenfold accumulator bets.
    • 1x Eight pick parlays: This is a single bet that combines all eight selections into one accumulator.

    Each individual bet within the Goliath bet carries its own odds, and the potential returns would depend on the specific odds and outcomes of each selection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Goliath betting and the Goliath bet calculator.

    A Goliath bet is a type of wager that involves 8 selections and 247 bets in total: 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and an eight-fold accumulator.
    A Goliath bet calculator allows you to calculate the potential returns for a Goliath bet based on the odds and stakes you input. It can also calculate each-way bets and take into account rules like Dead Heat and Rule 4.
    The potential winnings from a Goliath bet depend on the odds of your selections and the stake you place. As there are 247 separate bets in a Goliath bet, the total return can be substantial if most or all of your selections win.
    You can place a Goliath bet on any sport where you can bet on the outcome of individual events. This includes sports like football, horse racing, basketball, and many more.
    Yes, you can place each-way Goliath bets. An each-way Goliath bet is essentially two separate bets: one for your selections to win, and another for your selections to place. This doubles the number of bets (and the stake) but also increases the chances of a return.
    As a Goliath bet includes doubles, you will get a return if at least two of your selections win. However, the total return will depend on the odds of the winning selections and may not cover the total stake.