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  • If you are new to Super Heinz Bets, in the following paragraphs we will go through all you need to know about this type of bet.

    Understanding Super Heinz Betting

    A Super Heinz bet is an exciting betting option that consists of 7 selections and covers a total of 120 bet types. It offers a wide range of possibilities and can be a thrilling choice for Canadian sports enthusiasts.

    For a Super Heinz bet, you have 0 singles, 21 two-pick parlays, 35 three-pick parlays, 35 four-pick parlays, 21 five-pick parlays, 7 six-pick parlays, and 1 seven-pick parlay.

    The Role of a Super Heinz Bet Calculator

    By using the calculator, you can determine the expected payouts and profits for different betting scenarios, making informed decisions and managing your risks effectively.

    One of the key advantages of a Super Heinz bet is that it offers a lower-risk alternative to a 7-pick parlay. The bet is divided across multiple combinations of parlays, such as 2-pick and 3-pick parlays. This means that even if only 2 of your selections win, you can still receive a return. It’s important to note that the stake is divided by 120, so the returns for a couple of winners will be proportionally lower.

    How Does a Super Heinz Bet Work?

    A Super Heinz bet consists of one wager spread across different combinations. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

    • 21 two-pick parlays
    • 35 three-pick parlays
    • 35 four-pick parlays
    • 21 five-pick parlays
    • 7 six-pick parlays
    • 1 seven-pick parlay

    In total, a Super Heinz bet covers all the possible combinations across your 7 selections, excluding singles.

    Components of a Super Heinz Bet

    A Super Heinz bet includes a comprehensive range of combinations across your 7 selections, offering a thrilling and diverse betting experience. With 120 bet types, you have plenty of opportunities to explore different outcomes and maximize your chances of winning.

    Benefits of Super Heinz Betting

    Super Heinz betting offers several benefits for Canadian sports enthusiasts. One of the significant advantages is the accumulating effect of the bet. As you accumulate more winning selections, your potential returns increase. This makes Super Heinz an appealing option for those seeking higher payouts.

    Additionally, Super Heinz betting incorporates an element of risk management. Even if a selection or two doesn’t win, you can still receive a return and potentially profit, depending on the odds of your winning selections. This feature adds a layer of security and flexibility to your betting strategy.

    Exploring Our Super Heinz Bet Calculator

    The Super Heinz bet calculator developed by TheOddsCalculator is a powerful tool that enables you to calculate your potential returns quickly and accurately. By entering the odds and outcomes of your selections, you can instantly see the expected payouts and profits.

    Features of a Super Heinz Bet Calculator

    The Super Heinz bet calculator offers user-friendly features to simplify the calculation process. It includes the following components:

    • An input box to enter the odds of your selections.
    • A selection option to choose the outcome of each bet: win, lose, or void.
    • A wager box to enter your desired total or combined wager.
    • Instant calculation of your payout based on the provided information.

    Using our Super Heinz bet calculator ensures that you have a clear understanding of your potential returns, helping you make well-informed decisions.

    How to Use the Super Heinz Bet Calculator

    Using the Super Heinz bet calculator is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Add the odds of all your selections.
    • Step 2: Select the outcome of each selection from the drop-down menu: win, lose, or void.
    • Step 3: Enter your desired wager in the wager box.
    • Step 4: Analyze the calculated payouts and compare them to other bet types to make an informed decision.

    By following these steps, you can quickly evaluate the potential outcomes of your Super Heinz bet and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    Super Heinz betting is versatile and can be applied to various sports, allowing Canadian bettors to explore their favourite events. Here are some popular sports for Super Heinz betting:


    In basketball, you can take advantage of a wide range of markets such as over/under, point spreads, moneylines, and player props. Super Heinz betting in basketball offers numerous opportunities to engage with the sport and potentially increase your winnings.

    Check other types of bets and all you need to know about betting on basketball, in our guide to NBA betting here.


    Hockey enthusiasts in Canada can also enjoy Super Heinz betting. The sport offers various markets, including moneylines, puck lines, over/under goals, period betting, and player props. Super Heinz betting adds an extra layer of excitement to hockey matches and provides multiple avenues for potential profits.

    Find the most popular types of bets and all you need about betting on hockey in our guide to NHL betting.

    Super Heinz Bets vs. Other Types of Bets – Which ones is it better?

    Compared to other types of bets, Super Heinz bets offer a higher number of individual bets and combinations. Here’s a comparison with some other common types of bets:

    • Single Bet: A single bet is the simplest form of wagering, where you place a bet on a single selection to win. It has the lowest risk but also the lowest potential payout (check our straight bet calculator). In contrast, a Super Heinz bet combines multiple selections, so the risk is higher, but the potential payout is also much greater.
    • Parlay Bet: An accumulator bet, also known as a parlay or multi bet, involves combining multiple selections into a single wager. You can calculate accumulator bets in our parlay bet calculator. The main difference between a Super Heinz bet and an accumulator is that a Super Heinz bet covers all possible combinations of doubles, trebles, and so on, across the seven selections, whereas an accumulator is a single bet that requires all selections to win for a payout.
    • Trixie Bet: A Trixie bet consists of four bets involving three selections. It includes three doubles and one treble (check our Trixie calculator). Compared to a Super Heinz, a Trixie bet has fewer selections and fewer individual bets, resulting in lower potential returns.
    • Lucky 15 Bet: A Lucky 15 bet involves four selections and includes 15 individual bets. It comprises four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. Although it has fewer selections and individual bets than a Super Heinz, a Lucky 15 offers a higher chance of getting a return, as it includes singles and doubles that can generate payouts even if not all selections win. You can use our Lucky 15 calculator for free here.
    • Patent Bet: A Patent bet involves three selections and includes seven individual bets. It comprises three singles, three doubles, and one treble. It has significantly fewer selections and individual bets compared to a Super Heinz, resulting in lower potential returns. We have also developed a Patent bet calculator for those interested in patent bets.

    To summarize, we can say that Super Heinz bets offer a high-risk, high-reward betting option that covers a wide range of potential outcomes.

    They are more complex and have higher stakes compared to single bets or simpler multiple bets like the Trixie or Patent. However, they also offer the potential for substantial payouts if all selections are successful.

    To try different types of bets you can use our overall odds calculator where you can place your bet selections and switch between bet types without losing information.

    FAQ about Super Heinz Calculator & Bets

    A Heinz bet consists of 6 selections, while a Super Heinz bet includes 7 selections. The Super Heinz bet covers a total of 120 bet types, whereas the Heinz bet includes 57 bet types. The extra selection in the Super Heinz bet provides more possibilities and enhances the potential returns.
    The returns of a Super Heinz bet depend on the outcome of your selections. If all selections win, a Super Heinz bet can potentially yield higher returns compared to a single bet. However, if all the selections win, a Super Heinz bet may yield less than a parlay. The choice between different bet types depends on your risk appetite and desired reward.Our Super Heinz bet calculator is designed to help you understand the potential returns based on your specific selections and stakes, enabling you to make informed decisions.

    Absolutely! You can use a Super Heinz bet for any sport where you have at least 7 selections. Whether it’s soccer, horse racing, basketball, hockey, or even non-sporting events, a Super Heinz bet offers flexibility and excitement. However, please note that related contingencies may have specific limitations. For more information, please refer to our section on related contingencies.

    In conclusion, the Super Heinz bet calculator and the betting option provide Canadian sports enthusiasts with a comprehensive and exciting experience that allows players to put together multiple bets. By using our Super Heinz calculator, you can analyze potential returns, manage risks, and make well-informed decisions. Whether you’re betting on basketball, hockey, or any other sport, a Super Heinz bet offers a diverse range of possibilities, keeping you engaged and potentially maximizing your winnings.