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Lucky 15 Bet Calculator – Work Out Lucky 15 Bets

Use the Lucky 15 Calculator below to automatically get the possible payout of your Lucky 15 bets.

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  • Lucky 15 Calculator: How does it work?

    Bet TypeSelectionsBetsPayout (if all 4 win)
    SingleToronto Maple Leafs1$2
    SingleMontreal Canadiens1$2
    SingleVancouver Canucks1$2
    SingleEdmonton Oilers1$2
    DoubleToronto Maple Leafs & Montreal Canadiens1$4
    DoubleToronto Maple Leafs & Vancouver Canucks1$4
    DoubleToronto Maple Leafs & Edmonton Oilers1$4
    DoubleMontreal Canadiens & Vancouver Canucks1$4
    DoubleMontreal Canadiens & Edmonton Oilers1$4
    DoubleVancouver Canucks & Edmonton Oilers1$4
    TrebleToronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens & Vancouver Canucks1$8
    TrebleToronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens & Edmonton Oilers1$8
    TrebleToronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks & Edmonton Oilers1$8
    TrebleMontreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks & Edmonton Oilers1$8
    FourfoldToronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks & Edmonton Oilers1$16

    A Lucky 15 calculator is a specific odds calculator type, customized to calculate potential payouts of Lucky 15 bets.

    The Lucky 15 calculator takes into account the odds of each selection, the wager you have placed, and the number of selections that have won.

    How to use Our Lucky 15 calculator

    1. Input the odds of each of the 15 selections. This can be done in decimal, fractional, or American format.
    2. Input the wager/stake you want to place on the bet.
    3. Select for each either “win, lose or void”.
    4. The Lucky 15 calculator will then show you the potential payout for your bet.

    The best part of our tool, developed by The Odds Calculator, is that you may take notes of your selections and outcomes, and save the bet results to try different combinations and compare.

    Example of how a Lucky 15 calculator works

    Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to place a Lucky 15 bet on four football matches. Your four selections are Liverpool to win, Chelsea to win, Tottenham to win, and Arsenal to win. The following 15 bets are automatically generated:

    • Four singles (one for each selection)
    • Six doubles (Liverpool & Chelsea, Liverpool & Tottenham, Liverpool & Arsenal, Chelsea & Tottenham, Chelsea & Arsenal, Tottenham & Arsenal)
    • Four trebles (Liverpool, Chelsea & Tottenham; Liverpool, Chelsea & Arsenal; Liverpool, Tottenham & Arsenal; Chelsea, Tottenham & Arsenal)
    • One fourfold (Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham & Arsenal)

    If all four of your selections win, then you will receive a payout for all 15 bets. If only one selection wins, then you will receive a payout on the one winning single bet.

    If two selections win, then you will receive a payout on the two winning singles and one winning double. If three selections win, then you will receive a payout on the three winning singles, three winning doubles, and one winning treble.

    How Does a Lucky 15 Bet Work?

    A Lucky 15 bet is a type of wager that involves making four selections and placing 15 bets in total. The bet includes four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold accumulator. The name “Lucky 15” comes from the 15 bets that are placed.

    example of how lucky 15 calculator for bets work

    To place a Lucky 15 bet, you need to choose four selections, which can be from any sport or event.

    For example, you could choose four horses to win their respective races or four football teams to win their matches.

    Once you have made your selections, you place 15 bets in total, which include:

    • Four singles: One bet on each of your selections to win.
    • Six doubles: Two bets on each of the possible combinations of two selections.
    • Four trebles: Three bets on each of the possible combinations of three selections.
    • One fourfold accumulator: One bet on all four selections to win.

    To win a Lucky 15 bet, at least one of your selections must be successful. If all four selections win, the potential payout can be significant.

    How many hits do you need to make a profit?

    You only need one winner, within the possible combinations, to make a profit on a Lucky 15 bet. This is because, in practice, you would be winning the simple 1 horse bet.

    Of course, unless the odds on that winner are greater than 15/1, you won’t get all of your bet back, but you will at least get some of it back.

    The real fun starts when you get more than one winner.

    This is because the more individual winners in your Lucky 15 betting combo, the higher the returns, as each winning selection is covered in more individual bets, which make up the Lucky 15 bet.

    How this works (in the case of horse racing):

    Lucky 15 bets are mainly used to bet on horse racing in Canada.

    So, if one horse wins, you will only get the returns on that horse.

    If two horses win, you get the winnings of the two single bets plus the double bet.

    If three horses win, you will get the winnings from the three single bets, the three double bets and the triple bet.

    If all four horses win, you will make a good profit, as all 15 bets will bring you a profit.