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Trixie Calculator – Calculate Trixie Bets

eInput your Trixie bet odds and wager in our Trixie Calculator below to automatically get your possible payout.

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  • How does a Trixie Calculator work?

    A Trixie calculator is a type of odds calculator designed to automatically display the return of Trixie bets by splitting the total wager across these 4 bets. Simply enter the odds of each selection, the outcome of each selection and the total wager and the Trixie calculates the return and total profit. You can also calculate the returns if one of the selections loses within the Trixie.

    Using a Trixie bet calculator effectively

    To use the trixie bet calculator effectively and get accurate returns there are a few things you can do:

    • Input odds accurately
    • Input the outcome of each selection accurately
    • Double-check that the desired wager is inputted correctly

    What’s a Trixie Bet?

    A Trixie bet is 1 bet containing 3 different selections, and unlike other bet types, not all selections have to win to get a return. Furthermore, a Trixie contains 3 doubles and 1 treble, meaning even if 1 selection loses you still get paid for the 2 other winners.

    Example of a Trixie Bet Calculation

    An example of a Trixie bet would be if you bet on the following with a total wager of $10 per line (total outlay of $40):

    • Selection 1: Lakers to beat the Warriors at odds of 2.0
    • Selection 2: Nets to draw with the 76ers at odds of 3.5
    • Selection 3: Bucks to beat the Bulls at odds of 1.8

    The Trixie calculator would then split the total wager across the following bets:

    • Bet 1: Selection 1 & Selection 2 both win as a double
    • Bet 2: Selection 2 & Selection 3 both win as a double
    • Bet 3: Selection 1 & Selection 3 both win as a double
    • Bet 4: Selection 1, Selection 2 & Selection 3 all to win as a treble

    Guide to Use Our Free Trixie Bet Calculatorhat

    To start, you should know that at TheOddsCalculator.com all our tools are free of use and no sign-up is needed. To use the Trixie calculator follow the steps below:

    Step 1 – Input the odds of each of your 3 selections

    This is the starting point for your Trixie bet calculation. Here, you need to input the odds for the three selections (events or outcomes) that you’ve chosen to include in your Trixie bet.

    These could be horse races, football matches, tennis matches, or any other sporting event. Each event or outcome has its own odds, and these odds are what determine potential returns from a winning bet. Input these odds in the designated fields.

    Remember, the odds can be entered as fractions, decimals, or in the American odds format, depending on your preference and the standard format in your region.

    Step 2 – Tweak the outcome dropdown menu of each selection to won, lost, place, or void

    Once you’ve input the odds for your selections, the next step is to specify the outcome for each of these selections. Using the dropdown menu associated with each selection, choose between ‘Won’, ‘Lost’, ‘Placed’ or ‘Void’.

    If the selection wins, choose ‘Won’. If it doesn’t, select ‘Lost’. In the case your bet type includes a ‘Place’ option and your selection finishes in any of the pre-specified place positions, select ‘Placed’. If the event didn’t occur and the selection is neither a win nor a loss, select ‘Void’. This action will help the calculator understand the result of each selection, and it will reflect in the calculation of your total returns.

    Step 3 – Enter the desired wager

    The last step in using the Trixie bet calculator is to input your stake and the amount of money you wish to bet. Enter this amount in the designated ‘Stake’ field.

    This could be a single total amount, or, if you’re using an ‘Each Way’ (EW) bet, you might have to enter the stake amount for the ‘Win’ and ‘Place’ parts of the bet separately.

    Once you’ve done this, the calculator will automatically calculate the potential returns and profit based on the odds of your selections and the results you’ve specified. The total return includes the return from all 4 bets (3 doubles and 1 treble) of a Trixie bet. Remember, in a Trixie bet, even if one selection loses, you can still make a return if the other two win.

    Advantages and disadvantages of  Placing Trixie Bets

    Overall, Trixie betting can be a good option for bettors who want to increase their chances of winning and reduce their risk, while still having the potential for higher payouts. However, it is important to remember that it can be more expensive and requires accurate predictions on multiple selections to be successful.

    Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of a Trixie bet in more detail:


    • Increased chances of winning: With a Trixie bet, you can win on two out of three selections, which increases your chances of winning compared to a single or double bet. Bet type which depends on all selections winning such as a parlay
    • Lower risk: A Trixie bet allows you to spread your risk across three selections, reducing the risk of losing all your stakes in a single bet.
    • Potential for higher payouts: Since a Trixie bet involves multiple selections, the potential payouts can be higher than a single or double bet, especially if you have high odds and all three selections win.


    • Higher cost: Since a Trixie bet involves multiple selections, the cost of the bet is higher than a single bet or a double, even if you bet the same amount on each selection.
    • Need for more accurate predictions: With a Trixie bet, you need to make accurate predictions on three selections, which can be more challenging than predicting one or two selections.
    • Reduced payout if only two selections win: If only two of your selections win in a Trixie bet, you will receive a reduced payout, which can be disappointing if you are expecting a higher payout.

    What are the most common sports to calculate a Trixie bet with?

    The most common sports to calculate a Trixie bet within Canada are typically those that offer multiple betting opportunities. For example, horse racing, football (soccer), and basketball. Here are some examples of Trixie bets in horse racing, football and basketball:

    Horse Racing

    In Horse racing a Trixie can be used to pick 3 selections to win in 3 different races. Horse racing can be a difficult sport to predict. Hence, a Trixie allows you to lose 1 of the 3 selections but still gain a return.

    You could also place a Horse Racing Trixie on the to-place/show markets. Then if a horse finishes first 2 or 3 places rather than just win, you will get lower odds, due to it being more likely the horse finishes in these places, but once 3 selections are added it can still return a good payout.

    Football (Soccer)

    In football/soccer, you can use a Trixie on a variety of markets such as moneyline, over/under goals bets or the spread. You can even mix and match these. Furthermore 2 selections from the moneyline of 2 games and 1 over/under selection from another game. Some companies may even allow you to create a Trixie bet from prop bets such as goalscorers or corners bets.

    The main stipulation for most companies is that you can only add selections which are mutually independent of one another. Moreover, the result of your selections doesn’t impact the chance of your other selections. For example, you couldn’t have a moneyline selection and a spread selection from the same game in the same bet. Why? Because the outcome of 1 of these selections directly impacts the chance of the other.


    As with soccer, you can place a Trixie bet on a variety of basketball markets such as the moneyline, spread or over/under. You can also mix and match and with some companies add prop bets.

    FAQ – Trixie Bet Calculator

    To work out a Trixie Bet it is best to use our free bet calculator, simply enter your selections, the results, odds and stakes and it will work it all out.

    No, a Trixie bet calculator is specifically designed for Trixie bets. If you want to calculate other multiple bets, such as a Yankee or Lucky 15, you will need to use a different calculator.

    Trixie bets can be a good option for beginners as they offer a lower risk and potentially higher payout compared to a single bet. However, it is important to understand the odds and how to make accurate predictions on multiple selections.
    If one of your selections in a Trixie bet is a non-runner, the bet will still be valid but 2 doubles within the Trixie containing that selection will be calculated as singles while the treble will be calculated as a double on the two remaining selections

    If two of your selections in a Trixie bet win and one loses, you will receive a payout on one double bet. The amount of the payout will depend on the odds of the winning selections.