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Lucky 31 Calculator: Work Out Lucky 31 Bets

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  • What is a Lucky 31 Bet Calculator?

    A Lucky 31 Calculator is a specific betting calculator used to quickly calculate the potential winnings of a Lucky 31 bet.

    In the Lucky 31 calculator, you will input five selections in different events, resulting in 31 individual bets: 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators, and 1 five-fold accumulator. The calculator takes into account the odds of each selection, the wager, and whether each bet wins or loses, to work out the total return.

    Why Use a Lucky 31 Bet Calculator?

    Due to the nature of a Lucky 31, it can be tricky to accurately and efficiently work out your bet returns therefore a Lucky 31 calculator can be used to accurately simplify the process. You can tweak the odds for better bet planning and compare to different bet types.

    In our Calculator, you can also take notes for each and save calculations so you can compare them with other combinations of bets.

    How Our Lucky 31 Bet Calculator Works

    Our Lucky 31 bet calculator, as any other tool that you find at theoddscalculator.com is free of use and you don’t need to provide personal details to use it.

    The lucky 31 calculator equally splits your wager across the following:

    • 5x singles
    • 10x two pick parlays
    • 10x three pick parlays
    • 5x four pick parlays
    • 1x five-pick parlay.

    It then calculates the total payout by adding these winning bets together.

    Step 1: Input Your Selections

    Simply input the odds taken for each selection and use the drop-down menu to add the outcome of each selection – whether it won, lost or was a void selection.

    Step 2: Enter Wager Information

    Next, enter a total wager in the wager box

    Step 3: Understand the Results

    Then you will see the total payout for your lucky 31 bet.

    Alternatively, you can use the other calculators for different possible bet types such as the parlay calculator to check the return for the 5 selections in a parlay rather than a lucky 31.

    Practical Example of a Lucky 31 Bet Calculation

    Here’s a simplified example using a Canadian sports context:

    Imagine you’re betting on five NHL games, selecting one team to win in each game. Let’s say you place a $1 bet on each of the 31 combinations, totalling a $31 bet.

    1. Singles: Bet on each team to win their game individually (5 bets).
    2. Doubles: Bet on every possible combination of two teams winning their games (10 bets).
    3. Trebles: Bet on all combinations of three teams winning (10 bets).
    4. Four-folds: Bet on each combination of four teams winning (5 bets).
    5. Five-fold accumulator: Bet on all five teams winning their games (1 bet).

    If all your selections win, you’ll receive payouts for each of the 31 bets. The total return depends on the odds for each selection. Even if only some of your picks win, you can still receive a return, since the bet includes singles.

    Benefits of the Lucky 31 Bet

    The main benefit of using a Lucky 31 bet is that you lower the risk involved in the bet as there’s an increased chance you get a return when compared to other bet types such as parlays.

    This is due to singles involved in the lucky 31 so you only need 1 winner for a payout, this will not be a large amount due to the wager being split up across the 31 bet types, therefore only a small portion of your stake will be on the singles. It is however better than nothing such as getting 1 winner on a parlay.

    Due to the different combinations of multiples a lucky 31 can return more than bet types such as just 5x singles as the winnings have an accumulative effect the more winners you have.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Lucky 31 Bet Calculator

    A Lucky 31 bet is a wager on five selections consisting of 31 separate bets: 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfold accumulators, and a fivefold accumulator. One winning selection will guarantee a return.

    You can use the Lucky 31 bet calculator by inputting the odds for each of your five selections and your stake. The calculator will then work out the potential return for each of the 31 bets and the total return.

    Yes, because a Lucky 31 includes single bets, if only one of your selections wins, you will receive a return. However, whether this return results in an overall profit will depend on the odds of the winning selection.
    The main difference is the number of selections and the number of bets. For example, a Lucky 15 includes four selections and 15 bets, while a Lucky 63 includes six selections and 63 bets. The ‘Lucky’ part refers to the inclusion of single bets in the wager.

    Yes, the Lucky 31 is popular in Canada, particularly for sports like horse racing and ice hockey. However, it can be used for any sport where you can make multiple selections.

    The odds entered into the calculator should be the odds at the time the bet is placed. If the odds change after this point, it will not affect your bet or the potential returns.

    The cost of a Lucky 31 bet is your stake multiplied by 31 (the number of separate bets). So if you decide to stake $1 per bet, the total cost of the Lucky 31 bet would be $31.