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Canadian Bet Calculator – Calculate Your Super Yankee Bets Easily

Welcome to our Canadian Bet Calculator where you will be able to work out your Canadian bet returns.

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  • What is a Canadian/Super Yankee Bet?

    A canadian bet can also be called a super Yankee, both terms are interchangeable and will be used across this guide.

    This type of bet comprises 26 bets across 5 selections for 1 combined wager. A canadian includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-team parlays and 1 five-team parlay.

    Why is it also called a Super Yankee Bet?

    A Canadian bet can be known as a Super Yankee due to its similarities to the Yankee, the main difference is that a Super Yankee has 5 total selections and not 4.

    How does a Canadian Bet work?

    A canadian splits the total wager equally across all of the aforementioned 26 bets. It calculates each of the winning bet types and gives you a total return for that 1 wager.

    Keep in mind that due to your stake being equally spread across the different bet types, it may need a larger stake for it to compare to the payout of a parlay bet for example.

    You can use the canadian calculator to work out the returns of a canadian and which selections you want to use to find the be that fits the risk/reward you are looking for.

    Benefits of Using Our Free Canadian Bet Calculator

    There are always lots of benefits to using an odds calculator when you are placing your bets, especially if they are complex, such as a Canadian bet.

    Let’s talk about why it is beneficial for Canadian bettors to use a Super Yankee bet calculator.

    Accurate Predictions

    Once all data has been inputted correctly such as odds taken, the outcome and the total wager the bet calculator will accurately work out your returns and profit.

    Increased chance of a payout

    A benefit when comparing a canadian bet to a parlay is that you have an Increased chance of a return with a Canadian as with a parlay you need all your selections to win to get a payout whereas with a canadian due to the wager being split across different bet types, you may only have a couple of winners and you would get the double of these 2 selections paid out – however also consider that this would be generally lower as the stake would be low once divided between all 26.


    Another benefit of using the Canadian bet calculator is that you can save time, all it requires is the odds taken, the wager and the outcome of the event. You could manually work it by dividing your stake by 26 and figuring out each bet returns then adding them up however this would be very time-consuming unlike when using a Canadian bet calculator

    Easy/Free to Use

    The Candian bet calculator is also very simple to use, simply input the odds taken, the wager and the outcome of each event and the calculator will work it out. It is also fully free to use with no hidden costs.

    Potential for larger payouts

    Since the bet encompasses 26 different bet types, the bet accumulates once you have numerous winners, which means you can have larger payouts. Unlike if you placed the bets on each bet as a single

    How to Use Our Canadian Bet Calculator

    Step 1: Enter Your Odds

    Simply enter the odds taken or the odds you hope to take with your betting company/sportsbook

    Step 2: Select Your Bet Type

    Change the bet type to Canadian.

    Analyze Your Potential Winnings

    Analyze the payout and return of your bet or the bet you hope to place

    Step 4: Adjust as Needed

    Assess the payout by tweaking the odds taken or the outcome of each event from lost to win, you can then see how much you would be paid out if the first 4 selections won but the final selection lost, or if the 4th selection lost etc

    Examples of Using the Canadian Bet Calculator

    Find below a few examples of different sports and how a Canadian bet would work.

    Example 1:

    An example of a Canadian bet for Basketball could be the following:

    • Los Angeles Lakers to win
    • Brooklyn Nets to win
    • Golden State to win
    • Bosten Celtics to win

    The canadian would then split your wager across the 26 bets:

    10 Doubles:

    • Lakers and Nets
    • Lakers and Warriors
    • Lakers and Bucks
    • Lakers and Celtics
    • Nets and Warriors
    • Nets and Bucks
    • Nets and Celtics
    • Warriors and Bucks
    • Warriors and Celtics
    • Bucks and Celtics

    10 Trebles:

    • Lakers, Nets and Warriors
    • Lakers, Nets and Bucks
    • Lakers, Nets and Celtics
    • Lakers, Warriors and Bucks
    • Lakers, Warriors and Celtics
    • Lakers, Bucks and Celtics
    • Nets, Warriors and Bucks
    • Nets, Warriors and Celtics
    • Nets, Bucks and Celtics
    • Warriors, Bucks and Celtics

    5 Four Team Parlays:

    • Lakers, Nets, Warriors and Bucks
    • Lakers, Nets, Warriors and Celtics
    • Lakers, Nets, Bucks and Celtics
    • Lakers, Warriors, Bucks and Celtics
    • Lakers, Warriors, Bucks and Celtics

    1 Five Team Parlay:

    Lakers, Nets, Warriors, Bucks and Celtics.

    Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Canadian Bets

    Understanding Betting Odds

    ITomake the most out of the Canadian odds calculator you should research and analyze your bets beforehand, consider the odds of your selections and if you want to add any more or fewer selections than 5.

    Considering the Risk and Reward

    When using the Canadian bet calculator its important to consider the risk and reward of the Canadian bet, as previously mentioned the return will be less than a 5-team parlay as the stake is split across the 26 selections, so it depends on your risk appetite and how much you want to win and are willing to risk. You can use the bet calculator to play around with different bet types and find the one that fits your desired approach

    Frequently Asked Questions about Using the Calculator

    A Canadian or Super Yankee bet is a type of wager that consists of 26 bets covering 5 selections in different events. It includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds, and 1 five-fold.

    You can use the Canadian Bet Calculator by entering your odds for the five selections, selecting your bet type, and analyzing your potential winnings. Adjust your entries as needed based on the results.

    The Canadian Bet Calculator is specifically designed to calculate Canadian/Super Yankee bets. For other types of bets, please go to our overall odds calculator

    We aim to provide a tool that can help Canadian bettors make informed decisions about their betting strategies. We believe in free access to tools that can enhance one’s betting experience. 

    Yes, our Canadian Bet Calculator is designed to provide accurate calculations based on the odds and bet type you input. However, actual winnings may vary based on the specific conditions of your bet. 

    You can use the Canadian Bet Calculator as often as you like. There is no limit to the number of calculations you can perform. 

    No, the Canadian Bet Calculator is an online tool and doesn’t require any downloads. You just need an internet connection to access and use it.

    Yes, our Canadian Bet Calculator is compatible with all modern web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.